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Almost 17 mile bike ride.  It was 16.83 glorious miles to be precise, and it felt so good to get out and ride. Blake and I had a great afternoon today.  It got a little warm, 95°f, but if it got too hot, we would just stop along the greenbelt and jump right into the cool refreshing Boise river.

We did great really.  It was not until that last 4 miles that it got a little hard only because it is uphill and there was not much shade.  We made it though.  Took lots of pictures along the way too of course.

Blake and I decided today that we are each other’s favorite company.  I am really happy to hear that because I know once he starts school in the Fall it is going to be…”Mom who?”  But that is okay…I am not going anywhere.

Hope your Friday was awesome planet!  Have a safe and happy weekend.  :)

Taking advantage of the sprinklers.

My beautiful city…Boise.

Boise Depot.

The water felt amazing!

Giving a private performance on stage at Julia Davis Park.  Silly Blake. :)

Total ride, 16.83 miles.
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Music I am listening to today…T J McCloud  Love is The Last Place
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